Caring for Your Jewelry

In general, please don’t use chemical jewelry cleaners. Chemical jewelry cleaners can damage enamel finishes, pearls and some gemstones. Even if your piece is nothing but sterling silver, cleaners will remove any "patina" that might have been applied to bring out a design or texture.

What’s the best thing to use? A jewelry polishing cloth is fine, and so is plain old Crest or Colgate toothpaste and a soft toothbrush! If your piece has a lot of texture with a patina, your best bet is to gently use a polishing cloth.

It's also a good idea to not wear your jewelry while swimming or using household cleaning products.

If it gets dirty, use a soft toothbrush and some liquid dish soap.

A Special Note about Vintage Items

If you purchased a vintage item, or a piece that contains vintage elements, it may dull or tarnish over time - especially brass and silverplate items. Please don’t use chemical jewelry cleaners, especially if the piece has any enameling or painting, since it may damage the finish. Chemical jewelry cleaners will also damage pearls and some gemstones.

A jewelry polishing cloth or the toothpaste/soft toothbrush works great for these items and won't damage any painting or enamel finish.